Frenchy's Aluminum Panel

Replacement Aluminum Skirting. 12" by 12' foot cut to size panel.

10-1205W White Panel - $19.99
10- 1205G Gray Panel- $19.99
10-1205A Wicker Panel- $19.99
10-1205B Brown Panel- $19.99

Frenchy's Vented Aluminum Panel

12" by 12' perforated panel that allows airflow underneath the home.

10-1203W Vented White Panel- $20.99
10-1203G Vented Gray Panel- $20.99
10-1203A Vented Wicker Panel- $20.99
10-1203B Vented Brown Panel- $20.99

Frenchy's Aluminum Top Rail

12' by 5" top rail. Holds panel firmly in place.

10-1206W White Top Rail- $19.99
10-1206G- Gray Top Rail- $19.99
10-1206A Wicker Top Rail- $19.99
10-1206B Brown Top rail- $19.99

12' long. Holds skirting panels firmly in place.

10-1208W White Bottom Rail- $10.99
10-1208G Gray Bottom Rail- $10.99
10-1208A Wicker Bottom Rail- $10.99
10-1208B Brown Bottom Rail-$10.99"